4 Classroom Online eLearning Online Training Game Templates

BRAVO! is a powerful, training game software suite that will enhance any instructional experience. Designed to help you use games to teach, BRAVO! Games feature four customizable gameboard templates. It's a snap - just add your content and play!

Quiz Show

(Game show software for the classroom, Online & eLearning)

Inspired by a classic TV game show, Quiz Show offers a powerful way to energize your classroom. Fully customizable and easy-to-use, this program enables you to create games through gameboard templates using your instructional material. This fast-paced game can be enhanced by adding video, audio, or graphics to your questions. Quiz Show will help you make your content more compelling and your training more effective.

QuizShow Sample Game

Play the Baseball Trivia Challenge and see how you can hit it out of the "training park" with BRAVO!

Show Down

Encourage collaboration and engage your audience with ShowDown. There couldn't be an easier, or more effective way to present any subject with multiple components. Simply place a question, like: “Name the six hallmarks of great customer service,” on the top of the board and watch the energy in the room spike, as teams compete to give all six answers and win the round. Add audio, video, or graphics, and you've create a memorable learning experience for the whole class.

SHOWDOWN Sample Game

This sample game will give you an idea of how you can create and play an engaging Classroom Fued-style game with ShowDown.


If you're looking for a great way to do a quick review or assessment, Billionaire is the game for you. Just add 1-15 questions and you're ready to go. Play in single player mode (allowing the audience to shout out answers), or in teams for an exciting race to the top! You'll love the professional graphics and sound effects that make the game come to life - Your students will love the way they can interact with your material!


This sample training game was created to illustrate how you can present your content in a Millionaire-style game show.

Spin Off

With SpinOff, your students will be off on an energizing adventure, starring your content. Create a category (i.e. Safety) for each “spoke” of the wheel and fill the category with media-rich questions from your content. Have your students spin the wheel and interact with the question's that you place behind each category. Load as many questions behind each category as you wish, to have students “drill down” into your content. Your students are a spin away from an engaging exploration of your subject matter. Give it a spin!

SPINOFF Sample Game

Love is in the air...so choose your Valentine! Take Cupid's Challenge and see how much you know about LOVE!

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Easy to create - Just add your content

BRAVO! Classic provides you with easy-to-use game board templates that walk you through the simple steps of creating a game. You simply type in a category, insert questions, and in seconds, you’ve got a game. It’s as easy as that. BRAVO! Classic works with any instructional content, giving you a great way to engage your whole class.

Preview & Summary Screens

If you need to display text, pictures, sounds or video BEFORE or AFTER a question, the Preview and Summary Screen option is for you! Type your content into the screen editors and they will automatically appear in your game. Use the preview screen to intoduce content BEFORE the question appears. Use the summary screen to expand on the question AFTER the teams have answered. It's a great way to reinforce what they've already learned!

Create a media-rich experience

BRAVO! Classic offers powerful tools to help you create an experience that will make your instruction “stick.” It's easy to add audio, video, and still images to add context to your content. You'll love the ease with which you can make a good presentation, great. More importantly, your students will benefit from more impactful instruction.

Put Everyone in the Game!

Using games to teach with BRAVO! Classic helps you be at your best every time you're in front of a class. Whether you’re introducing new content, or reviewing content that you’ve just presented, BRAVO! Classic will engage everyone in your class with interactive games. You’ll grab their attention, as they interact with your content through the dynamic vehicle of a game. BRAVO! is also SMARTBoard Ready so no need to install any extra software!

We've been able to incorporate the BRAVO! games into our eLearning courseware. This is saving us costly development time and delivering a top-notch learning program to our staff.

Trace Symonds (American Heart University / AHA)

Instant Results

BRAVO! provides you with instant feedback so you know what they know in real time. Points, percentages and even a total scores provides everyone with enough feedback to make it a challenge. Points are collected and added to each users' score and displayed after each question. Whether in traditional team mode OR as individual play - this new training method leaves no one out.

Engage your students with keypads!

Ring-in, capture scores and results. Our devices allow you to seamlessly interact with BRAVO! Classic in the classroom and even on the web! With 4 effective solutions, you're sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seats and deliver the results you demand.

4 Great Choices:
1. Mobile Devices - Virtual Keypad Applications
2. Wireless Keypads - EVERYONE participates
3. Wireless Slammers - Be the first to "SLAM-IN"
4. Online Virtual Keypads - Interactive webinars

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Easy Branding

The only training game software that let's you customize like a Pro! It's easy to customize the game board, avatars, and background with your organization's logo and colors for a polished look that integrates with your corporate messaging. The program's interface makes the creation of high-quality graphics a snap, and ensures that every presentation you give represents you well.

We just love this software.... It is so easy to update and everyone I have spoken with at C3 has been so helpful. The new reporting features in the LMS look great!


Create your very own avatars

See how easy it is to create an avatar that looks like you. Start by customizing the personal attributes (facial features, hair style and color, and clothing). Add your corporate logo and, in a snap, you've created an animated mini-me.

Fully Customizable

Brand your games with your logos, corporate colors, interactive avatars and other images to shirts and hats, to reflect your brand. Customize the game board and background screens as well, and you have a presentation tool that truly speaks to your audience.

We had a lot of great interest in the game. In fact, within the first 10 minutes of the exhibit hall opening we gathered a nice little crowd of attendees that were playing and watching the game in action. We had it loaded in a touch screen kiosk so it was easy for attendees to see and play. We have another meeting coming up for another product that we sell and we will be using the software for that show, too. So far, it's been easy to customize, as each product has its own look and color palate, so I appreciate that functionality. Thanks again for all your help and assistance!


More Personality

Import your very own graphics or personal photos in place of an avatar character. The image automatically places itself in the team score box, so everyone sees your personal logo or face!

Use our LMS or yours!

BRAVO! allows you to compile your games into a SCORM 1.2 compatible package for your Learning Management Systems. This means that BRAVO! will seamlessly report results to any LMS (Learning Management System), allowing you to quickly create e-learning training games, interactive content, quizzes, and assessments.

Sample Game Boards

Click below on any image for a more detailed preview:

Using Adobe Captivate?

See how BRAVO! Classic and Adobe Captivate modules can easily work together for a powerful learning experience.


Train in any language

BRAVO! allows you to present in any language. Customize the game text, create questions, answers, and user instructions in the language of your choice. Now you can create an engaging experience for any audience -- anywhere in the world!

BRAVO! Features

  • Train in any language

  • Use with Adobe Captivate

  • Add BRAVO! games to your LMS

  • Import photos as the avatars

  • Fully Customizable

  • Create your very own avatars

  • Engage students with wireless keypads

  • Import Audio, photos & video

  • Preview & Summary Screens

  • SCORM 1.2 compliant games

  • SMART Board Ready

  • Quick Polling Option

  • Publish Features

  • Capture Detailed Results

See BRAVO! in Action

Explore these BRAVO! training games created by C3 SoftWorks and other BRAVO! users. See how each training game is uniquely created, from the Intro logos, background effects, custom avatars, colors and content.

Turkey Trivia Quiz

How well do you know your turkey trivia? Play the Turkey Trivia Game built with BRAVO!

Cupid's Challenge

Time to choose your Valentine! Take Cupid's Challenge and see how much you know.

EMS1 Challenge

Take the Incident Management Challenge. (Game created Greg Friese & John Dillon)

St. Patty's Quiz

Play the Luck O' The Irish Trivia Game and see how green you really are.

Show Down

Experience Show Down in this coffee-themed classroom feud gameshow.

Going for Gold

GO FOR GOLD in this Olympic training game.

Arson Awareness

See if you can climb to the top of the ladder in this Billionaire-style training game.

Go Green Challenge

Take the Environmental Challenge and learn about energy, recycling & keeping it green!

BRAVO! Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

  • Pentium III 600Mhz or higher

  • 128MB of RAM

  • 40MB of hard drive space

  • Speakers Recommended

  • Suggested Resolution: 1024 x 768

* MAC OS (ONLY available via C3 Cloud)


  • Create SCORM 1.2 compliant games that will report back to any LMS

  • Track Results on your website

  • E-mail students their progress

  • Print Certificates of completion

SMARTBoard Ready

SMART Board Technologies™ has accredited BRAVO! as SMARTBoard Ready

  • Works with your existing SmartBoard

  • No additional software needed

  • Easy setup

Within seconds, download an entire bank of OSHA related safety questions into any one of our training programs - BRAVO!, PRONTO! or Q&A. Quickly click-n-drag questions from the OSHA Safety Library to populate your games. Each game is fully customizable so you can add your own content and media too! Use the games in the classroom, online, LMS and even in a LIVE web conference. Optional wireless keypads enable everyone to participate while you track instant results. 

  • Over 300 Safety Questions (industry 29 CFR 1910)
  • Many include OSHA-Based Graphics 
  • Preview Screens to introduce content
  • Summary Screens to reinforce what they previously learned
  • Customize each question as desired or leave as is 

  • *Content for the construction industry per 29 CFR 1926 is also available upon request.

Confined Spaces (Subpart J - 50 Questions)

Content supports compliance with all aspects of the permit required confined space entry program and procedures.

Sample Question: "Which person is responsible for determining if acceptable entry conditions are present at a permit space, authorizing entry, overseeing entry operations and for terminating entry? "

Fire Protection (Subpart L - 18 Questions)

Content supports compliance with fire protection requirements, extinguishers, fire brigades & fire suppression systems.

Sample Question: "An A,B,C fire extinguisher will work on the following fires EXCEPT? "

Hand and Portable Power Tools (Subpart P)

Content supports compliance with the safe use of hand-held power tools.

Sample Question: "What safety feature is required for all powered circular saws including chain saws?"

Hazard Communication (Subpart Z - 35 Questions)

Content supports compliance with activities related to the proper labeling, marking, signage and symbols used to correctly communicate the use of hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Sample Question: "Under the Haz Com standard does an employer have any obligations to workers that are not directly employed by the employer? "

Introduction to OSHA (40 Questions)

Content supports the understanding of the authority of federal OSHA, inspection process, citations, complaints and whistle blower protection.

Sample Question: "How long does an employer have to contest an issued OSHA citation? "

Lock-out/Tag-out (Subpart J - 20 Questions)

Content supports compliance with the proper use of locks and tags to control hazardous energy.

Sample Question: "Under the LOTO standard the employer is required to develop an energy control program. That program must contain which of the following?"

Material Handling (Subpart N - 20 Questions)

Content supports compliance with the safe operation of powered industrial fork trucks.

Sample Question: "The "stability triangle" is a area formed between what?"

PPE & Resp. Protection (Subpart I - 30 Questions)

Content supports compliance with the requirements of PPE, types, limitations, respiratory protection program, fit testing, medical surveillance and hierarchy of hazard control.

Sample Question: "Is a dust mask that is required to be used by an employer a respirator and subject to fit testing? "

Walking-Working Surfaces (Subpart D - 12 Questions)

Content supports compliance with standards for hazards arising from floor openings, guardrails systems, stairways, ladders and general falls.

Sample Question: "What size wall opening or hole where a drop of 4 feet or more requires guarding protection? "

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) and Exposure Control (Subpart H - 140 Questions)

Content supports compliance with all aspects of respone to uncontrolled hazardous waste activities including air monitoring instrument use, PPE selection, respiratory protection, decontamination, hazardous material chemistry, and principles of exposure and control.

Sample Question: "When monitoring a room filled with a gas with a vapor density of 1.5 what is most likely to happen to the oxygen content? "

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