Dan Hannan

Implementing BRAVO! in a Training Environment

Dan Hannan is a certified safety professional (CSP) and has served a variety of industries for the past 23 years. He is currently the Senior Loss Control representative for Willis of Minnesota—a commercial insurance broker. Dan has authored numerous safety and health articles in professional trade publications and his recent book “Preventing Home Accidents” provides a useful tool for homeowners to identify and proactively eliminate hazards in the home. His book can be purchased through the publisher Hunter House at www.hunterhouse.com

How useful has BRAVO! been to your organization?
As a safety trainer I’m constantly looking for ways to get my audience engaged in the learning process. Adults learn best when they share ideas, experiences and work together in teams. My clients appreciate my ability to bring new and effective ways of delivering boring compliance information. Bravo makes me and my employer look good.

What would you say BRAVO's strengths are?
Ease of creating content and constructing game activities. Ease of customize the look and feel of each game to reflect the client’s business.

What is the key reason you feel safety trainers should consider using games in their training?
As a safety professional the primary challenge we are faced with is getting workers to think and behave safely every day they come to work. Staying motivated requires a person to draw from experiences. Experiences “stick’ when they are memorable and games significantly improve memory recall. My students are learning more now that I have more time to spend teaching and designing curriculum.

What's the biggest benefit that games have added to your training?
A team dynamic helps build camaraderie and lets the workers know it's ok to ask each other for help to solve problems.

Based on your experience with BRAVO!, what is your overall assessment of the software?
The software is very good and I see it as a valuable tool for nearly all my training activities.

Would you recommend BRAVO! to your colleagues?
I would, and have, recommended Bravo to my coworkers and clients.

Do you have any other comments about your experience working with C3 SoftWorks on this particular project?
As a subject matter expert I’ve enjoyed working with C3 to prepare content for use by others. By developing hazard libraries the safety professional has a large part of the work already done for them.