C3 SoftWorks Releases: C3 PING (Virtual Response System)

C3 SoftWorks; Minneapolis, MN. September 21, 2009: C3 SoftWorks, a leading software provider in the training and educational markets, is pleased to announce the release of PING (Virtual Response System).

PING takes webinar training to a whole new level. Combining the engaging qualities of a training game (using BRAVO! game-building software) with the power of a comprehensive assessment tool, this exciting new program puts all webinar attendees “in the game.” Your audience will be completely engaged, as they “click” on their virtual keypads to “play” the game and interact with your content. Ideal for introducing new concepts, content review, or knowledge assessment, PING, used in conjunction with BRAVO!, provides instant feedback to let you know what they know in real time. Whether in traditional team mode OR as individual play - this new training method leaves no one out.

Designed to engage all learners, PING utilizes the BRAVO! game suite to offer a dynamic way to present any content. The suite is available in three formats (classroom, web, and LMS) and is comprised of the following games: Quiz Show, Billionaire, ShowDown, and Spin Off.

BRAVO! provides an easy-to-use interface that walks users through the simple steps of creating a game and using the virtual keypads. To create a game, one simply types in a category, inserts questions, and in seconds, you're ready to play. A handy wizard is provided with the software, making keypad registration and implementation a snap.

BRAVO! helps trainers create an educational experience that “sticks.” Whether they're introducing new content, or reviewing content that they've just presented, BRAVO! helps instructors engage everyone in their class. It's easy to add audio, video, and still images to any of the games, to provide context for the material presented, and ensure Trainees' rapt attention.

About C3 SoftWorks. Founded in 2006, C3 SoftWorks is committed to producing tools that enhance every educational experience. With over 35 years of involvement in education and training, we bring a deep understanding of the instructional challenges educators face. Try our games in your next training session and see for yourself how serious (and effective) fun can be.

About C3 SoftWorks With over 35 years of involvement in education and training, we bring a deep understanding of the instructional challenges you face. Whether you’re teaching in the classroom, or over the web, our customizable training game software will help you present your content in the most engaging way.

Corrie Anderson

C3 SoftWorks