Partner Showcase

Our Partners are committed to providing innovative learning solutions and enhancing our educational offerings. Learn what they do and how they are creating engaging and interactive training for teachers and trainers around the globe.

The Bob Pike Group

We sat down with Becky and asked her how she's currently using C3 SoftWorks' BRAVO! Classroom Tool and PING (Virtual Response Pads) during her webinars.


The Thiagi Group

For over 30 years , The Thiagi Group has been working with Corporate Trainers in instructor-led and web-based environments - specifically focusing on the use of game play and interactive participation.

In addition to his very active speaking circuit, Thiagi has extensive training designs in leadership and soft-skills - some of which include the American Red Cross, Hewitt, Microsoft and more!

We are delighted to share The Thiagi Groups' vast experience in using games and we look forward to providing our customers with additional training solutions.

HVAC Excellence

Find out how HVACR educators and trainers incorporated Green and Sustainable Technologies into their training at the HVAC Excellence National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference.


Turning Technologies

Turning Technologies (Canada)

Dival Safety & Supplies

About C3 SoftWorks

With over 35 years of involvement in education and training, we bring a deep understanding of the instructional challenges you face. Whether you’re teaching in the classroom, or over the web, our customizable training game software will help you present your content in the most engaging way.

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