HVAC Excellence

Teaching Sustainability In a Fun and Interactive Way

How long have you been using BRAVO?

HVACR educators and trainers are trying to incorporate Green and Sustainable Technologies into their training. However, how does one make teaching what is a BIM exciting?

Richard Benkowski a trainer for the United Association captivated everyone in attendance at the 2013 HVAC Excellence National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference with a fun and easy way to teach sustainable solutions.

Utilizing clicker technology (and BRAVO!) every table in the general session was outfitted to compete against all of the other tables in the room and test their knowledge of sustainability.

Mr. Benkowski may have conducted the general session like a game show, however each table was working hard to discuss technologies and come up with the correct answers as fast as possible. The attendees had to discuss the questions and come up with the answers as fast as possible. Points were delegated by getting the answer correct and the time it took to submit your answer.

Adding to the excitement the categories and points for each question were picked by an unknowing attendee from the audience. Utilizing clicker technology, working as teams and by having random people pick the we achieved 100% participation from the audience.

The session showed the value of utilizing new technology to develop team building concepts with those we are training and get everyone involved. Additionally, the attendees learned how well they are preparing their students in green concepts and terminology.

The questions during the session all derived from Green Awareness a training program developed by ESCO Institute and C3 Softworks.