Becky Pike (The Bob Pike Group)

Implementing BRAVO! with PING in a Corporate Training Environment

How long have you been using BRAVO?

I first started using it in June of 2009.

How are you using BRAVO! in your training?

I use it in both the classroom in conjunction with Turning point and online when teaching webinars using the virtual PING pads.

What are your trainers learning as they use BRAVO?

Mostly defining which games are used best in what situations. Trying to identify which games meet their purpose of brainstorming, testing, combining information and so on.

What direction do you see training going in the near future?

At BPG (Bob Pike Group) we see a stronger blended approach of both live and synchronous training. Many of our live classes are being converted into online synchronous trainings. We are also seeing the need for learning to be done in short snippets so that learners can get what they need “just-in-time.” So finding shorter solutions that work for those learning environments.

What key challenges do you see trainers facing today?

Less headcount means more work for fewer people. It is hard to be able to take the time to be creative and engaging/interactive when there is a limited amount on the resource of time. The library functionality in BRAVO! is imperative for rapid design. When first getting started importing or writing questions, it can be a bit overwhelming but as the library grows it becomes an asset that is invaluable. One key reminder to anyone utilizing this tool is to remember to update questions as content changes.