What is Click?

Effective Audience Polling - In a SNAP!

Click transforms any presentation into a powerful interactive way to learn. Click is a great tool for gathering and compiling valuable feedback from your audience instantly. Automatically capture results from any group anonymously or by individual.

Do you know what they know?

Engage your audience, keep them focused and improve their comprehension skills by using our audience response training game software Click. Create real-time interactive surveys and poll discussions anytime - either during a lecture, presentation or class setting. By using wireless response devices, employees, students and trainees are eager to participate in class discussions and surveys. Results are displayed instantly and encourage in-depth thinking, informative surveys and feedback. Knowing what they know helps you pinpoint your instruction, saving you valuable training time and money!

  • Sales Meetings
  • Focus Groups
  • New Product Testing
  • General Breakout Sessions
  • Employee Feedback
  • Medical Advisory Groups
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Education & Training
  • Entertainment Events
  • Audience Surveys
  • Classroom Polling

Everyone Rings-In with a wireless keypad

Click uses state of the art wireless keypads. These keypads offer the most powerful audience response system features into a wearable keypad that's smaller than a credit card. These interactive keypads feature:

  • Lightweight 1.0 oz (with batteries)
  • Industry standard in wireless keypad technology
  • Receiver connects to a USB port
  • 10 answer options in numbers and letters
  • Hard plastic casing
  • Lanyard adaptable for convenience and mobility
  • Use in classrooms, auditorium events
  • Works with PowerPoint™
  • 200 foot range (400 ft coverage)
  • Support for thousands of participants
  • Responses shown on the screen in seconds
  • Keypads are individually assigned and tracked
  • Group participants for team competition
  • Participants can register themselves

Or...use mobile devices

Combining the engaging qualities of Click with the power of “virtual” response pads, C3 PING ensures that all of your attendees are engaged and learning the entire time. The instructor simply launches Click during a presentation, while every remote attendee “rings in” using a virtual response pad to answer each question. Click automatically collects the results, so you can track tangible progress during and after the event.

Why use Click?

Instantly Poll & Quiz over ANY presentation in PowerPoint™

Click interacts seamlessly with PowerPoint. In fact, Click will run with practically any software program out there. Click's polling interface can sit on top of any PowerPoint slide or screen presented. Taking a survey or poll just can't be easier! Just start Click to begin your poll.

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Results ASAP!

Assessing employee's knowledge and making sure your students are “getting it” is one of the key strategies of Click. Once the question is complete, the results are displayed as a bar chart with the number or percentage ranking for each question listed. Another method of tracking results is automatically created by Click by grouping the data into an easy to view html format or Excel spreadsheet. You'll get an exact screen capture of each slide being voted on! This data is a more comprehensive collection of student scores, answers and feedback. Easily identify trends, student progress and calculate scores and more!

More ways to use your wireless keypads - Interactive Game Shows!

There are many ways to leverage the power of Click. The simplest method is to ask your question(s) verbally and have the students respond with their wireless keypads. Another option is to use your wireless keypads with a more powerful tool from C3 SoftWorks called BRAVO! Response. BRAVO! Response is a powerful software suite that will enhance any instructional experience. BRAVO! Response features 4 easy to use customizable training game templates that will offer a dynamic way to present your content. Use BRAVO! Classroom Builder for team building, interactive games, training exercises or for any situation where assessing information is important. Based on your objective, questions used within a game format can engage individuals or a group on many different topics. Questions can be in multiple choice, true/false or yes/no format, and can also have a related summary to reinforce what your students just learned.

It's a fun and effective way to engage your audience and assess what they're learning while playing a game!