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    Launch your classroom to new heights.

    Shoot for the moon in your very own spaceship, and set your sights on more than just

    stargazing with this interactive training game. Your mission is to land on the moon first without

    running out of fuel, crashing into other rockets or encountering any strange unidentified objects.

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It's up to you to complete the mission before your competitor does! Take control of your spacecraft by correctly answering questions and see who reaches the moon first.

Mission Control

Change your game in a flash with the overview access screen. Each game allows you to quickly edit your questions, rocket icons, astronaut avatars, team names, colors and more all within one screen. When you're finished, click the Save & Play button to begin your game.

Design Your Own Astronaut

Create your very own astronaut in the Character Builder. Choose the astronaut suit, then add a helmet, microphone or an ear piece.

Want more?
Add additional objects to your avatars by downloading the FREE avatar object package. Simply import the object over your suit and you have a completely customized avatar.

The Eagle Has Landed

It's one small step for each contestant as they race to the moon while answering questions you create! Each correctly answered question will result in a giant leap closer to the moon. But watch out for UFOs, satellites and run away asteroids, because they'll knock you off target.

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