• Trainees...start your engines!

    Put the pedal to the metal and experience the thrill of the chase.

    Everyone wins, in this great race, as your students go head-to-head and compete for the grandprix of

    training game championships. Challenge your fast and furious drivers with your content, as every question

    they attempt to answer will affect the cars' behavior and performance.

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Earn your license to drive in your very own Grand Prix Race Car. Face your competitors on the track and see who gets left in the dust - it's the ultimate game for speed demons.

Smart Numbers

Reports give you multiple options to view your classroom data. So you can detect patterns, recognize trends and pin-point trouble spots. View by quiz, type, score, instuctor, device, speed and more - giving you ultimate control over your own data.

Each option allows you to quickly edit your questions, answers, car decals, race car driver avatars, car names, colors and more all within one screen. When you're finished, click the Save & Play button to begin your game.

Design Your Own Driver

Create your very own race car driver in the Character Builder. Choose the racing suit, a helmet, microphone or an ear piece and your ready to roll!

Want more?
Add additional objects to your avatars by downloading the FREE avatar object package. Simply import the object over your suit and you have a completely customized avatar.

The Checkered Flag

Your trainees have but one lap to victory at the Rally Motor Speedway, while answering questions that you create! Each correctly answered question will propel your trainees' car during an engaging, interactive run to the finish line. Not qualifying, could result in an unexpected delay or even a crash. But, don't worry, the only harm they'll experience is a bruised ego.

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