TALLY takes audience engagement to a whole new level. Each trainee responds to a LIVE presentation via any mobile device. Play in teams or all-play mode while answers can be in open ended, multiple choice and image-markers. The Presenter sees real-time responses for meaningful interaction. Try TALLY today and know the score!

Move Beyond PowerPoint

Your audience will hang on every word as you deliver interactive quizzes, games and informative polls - all within the context of your presentation. TALLY will encourage your trainees to respond in a real time discussion all with the ease of any mobile device.

One Click Publish - Immediate Action!

Show your TALLY presentation in any live meeting or webinar with nothing to install or download!

Question Types

5 different question types give you the flexibility to effectively assess your audience and expose knowledge gaps. Select the question type you prefer, import media, and TALLY does the work for you, so you can focus on your content.

  • Multiple Choice
  • Slide Show
  • Chat Bubbles
  • Open Ended
  • Image Markers

Polling Charts

Choose the right chart for your data to maximize visual impact and ease of understanding.

  • Pie Charts
  • Donut Charts
  • Horizontal Bar
  • Vertical Bar

Take TALLY even further

Discover how you can improve your gamification with increasing participation, engagement, loyalty and competition and so much more!

  • Leaderboards
  • Anonymous Mode
  • Team Play Mode
  • Dual Screens
  • Answer Feedback
  • Preview Slides
  • Edit Colors & Fonts
  • Background Images
  • Intro Graphics
  • All Play Mode
  • Summary Slides
  • Closing Graphics


Get LIVE feedback and results in your classroom today.

Invite Attendees to Join and Respond

  • Invite your attendees with a smartphone, tablet or laptop to join your session by sending them your unique web link.
  • Once your participants join, the question and answer buttons will appear. Question navigation, points and scores are also automatically displayed for each question.
  • Participants click on the desired answer and when all results are in, you select the correct answer which is then displayed to all the players. Your attendees immediately know how they scored.

Dual Screen Experience

Every presentation displays differently depending on what role you take in the event. The "Instructor-Only Screen" provides easy-to-use controls and immediately displays responses as you advance through the presentation. This feature provides the instructor with additional information specific to each user or team for every question. The "Attendees Screen" will show automatically on the participants’ device and display only what the user needs to see during the event, creating a unique dual-screen experience for everyone.

Instructor-ONLY Screen

Attendees Screen

Dive into the Details

The moment your attendees join in, the results start coming in. Real time data is collected and presented in a variety of easy to understand graphs and charts.

More Results

A quick glance will show you a Pass, Fail or Incomplete status for each participant. Dig a little deeper and find out exactly how each user answered by viewing the details: there you will see the user's response for each question, making it easy to know what they know. You can also download the data file as a spreadsheet.